We are an entertainment company based in Connecticut. We seek to become a leading source of entertainment that heals the heart, lifts the soul and strengthens the mind.  Using our education and talent we promote creativity and value through multiple forms of media. We believe in collaborating with companies and individuals in our relentless effort to provide quality entertainment. Through research, brainstorming, experimenting and other creative approaches we seek to provide entertainment that not only entertains but will be a source of education, healing and strength.


TOURE DIGGS - Cofounder 

Touré Diggs is an entrepreneur and business creator who owns small businesses independently and in partnerships. His experience spans from developing product concepts to launching fully operating organizations delivering services to the community. As a lifelong entrepreneur Touré created several brands and products including lifestyle brands, owning a franchise, and several service-based companies. He knows it takes more then a good idea and ambition to launch and grow a new venture to survive any competitive domain. Touré currently runs 4 small businesses.  

Over a 35-year span, yes since he was 12 years old, he has partnered with other entrepreneurs including artists, creatives, fashion designers, graphic designers and music producers to launch startups like air-brushing t-shirts, to starting a clothing line, to running an independent record label.  After being an integral part of many business opportunities, Touré has honed his knowledge and skills to bring any idea to a realistic outcome, including a revenue producing business or recognizing when to discontinue and cut loses.

Touré holds a MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship from Post University.


DARIUS GOOD - Cofounder

Darius Good is a multi-genre producer born and raised in New Haven, CT. He began taking piano lessons at the age of 6 and in addition learned the trumpet, coronet, french horn, timpani and drums. Darius played for many music groups, school bands and began playing the keyboard and drums for his parents church. In middle school while apart of the gospel choir, Darius had the privilege of singing at Showtime at the Apollo in New York. 

His passion for music lead him to pursue a music degree from the University of New Haven. He graduated in 2000 with a B.A. in Music Industry (Business) and a B.A. in Communications. While in college Darius began a student ran record label called Prelude Records along with three other students. They produced three multi-genre albums that featured up to 40 different artist from CT, NY, NJ and TN. During this time he also began playing keyboards as a session musician for Darrell "Digga" Branch. Darius formed a partnership with Luke Paterna and signed a production deal with The Characters. Later Darius and Luke signed a production deal with Song Book Entertainment owned by legendary producer Troy Taylor, and co produced "Unashamed" for music icon Whitney Houston on the JUST WHITNEY album. They later co-produced "Bedda to have Loved" for platinum recording artist Ginuwine, on THE SENIOR album. They also produced unreleased records for Trey Songz and other r&b, pop and alternative artist signed to major labels. In 2017 Darius produced and wrote his first gospel/r&b album entitled, "Jesus the King" which featured different singers from CT.

Darius is currently the senior pastor and president of Bible Gospel Center, Inc. in Hamden, CT. He is the founder of Good Treasure Ministries and co-founder of Good Treasure Entertainment. He is the producer and host of His Good Treasure Radio Show which airs on 1350 WNLK. He also produce and co-host the Good Treasure Entertainment Show with Touré which airs on the same station. He produces the His Good Treasure Podcast Show which is hosted by his daughter Symone Good and is available on iTunes.  In addition, he is the vice president of Reach the Nations Global Ministries Network.