Episode 5: Good Treasure Entertainment Radio - interview with Pastor D (founder of KD Gospel for Life)  

Episode 5 features an interview with Pastor Deanne Williams (Pastor D.) She is the founder of KD Gospel Magazine for Life and the Host of KD Gospel for Life which airs on WSDK 1550AM and 95.3FM on Saturdays from 5:00PM to 6:00PM. For more information regarding the magazine as well as the radio show visit the website at kdgospelmagazine.com.

Episode 5 Playlist:

1. Freewill - "Just Like You"

2. Tina Campbell - "We Livin"

3. Papa San ft. Tasan - "Time is Running Out" 

4. Issac Carree - "Paradise"

5. Trip Lee ft. Tedashii - "Still Unashamed" 

6. The Walls Group - "And You Don't Stop" 

7. Darius Good ft. Anthony Whitaker - "Perfect Victory" 

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